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Trash or Treasure? What’s A Landlord to do?

Nearly every tenant leaves stuff behind when they vacate, most of the time it’s just a big pile of junk. Trash or treasure, the law says it’s not yours and you have an obligation to respect your former tenant’s personal property.

According to 715.104 of The Florida Statues, when your tenant leaves personal property on the premises after the tenancy has ended and he has vacated, you must give written notice to the tenant and to any other person you reasonably believe to be the owner of the property. (See a sample letter at www.FlaLandlord.Com).



What Do I Do After My Tenant Vacates?

Your tenant has moved out.  While your priority is to clean and paint and do all of the other things necessary to get the unit rented as soon as possible, there are a number of things which good business practice suggests -- and some which State law demands.


Abandoned Personal Property

Florida statues are clear regarding your tenant’s personal property.  If anything is left behind the property owner has certain responsibilities based upon the value of the personal property.


Security Deposit Rules

Florida statues are very specific regarding the return of your tenant's security deposit and any claims you intend to impose against it.  There are no exceptions!.