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New Florida Law Pertaining to Rental Applications from Service Members

A new new Florida Statute Section 83.683 becomes effective July 1, 2016. This new law, in part, addresses the rental of property to “servicemembers,” and applies to condominiums, cooperatives, homeowner associations, and landlords.

The pertinent section of the law requires a landlord, condominium, cooperative, homeowner association, or landlord to complete the processing of a rental application submitted by a servicemen within a specified timeframe.  It says that a landlord is required to process a rental application from a military servicemen within seven days of submission. Within that seven day period, the landlord must provide a written response of the approval or denial of the application, and if denied, the reason for the denial.

If they do not provide a timely denial of the rental application, the landlord must lease the rental unit to the servicemen if all other terms of the application and lease are met.   Read More