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‘Standards’ proposed for Flagler vacation rental law, challenge promised

The three-story custom house with an ocean view built on the wrong lot in the gated Ocean Hammock community is just one of many mostly coastal properties that could feel the impact of proposed new regulations covering short-term rentals being hashed out by Flagler County officials.  An attorney representing a local vacation rentals management company already has vowed to challenge the amendment if it is approved.

The draft ordinance amendment, which would cap the number of people who can stay in a short-term rental property at one time among other things, will be reviewed at 6 p.m. Wednesday during a meeting of the county’s Planning and Development Board.

The proposed amendment would affect only unincorporated areas of the county, like The Hammock. While the new ordinance wouldn’t provide any assurances that the builder gets the lot right, it would limit the number of people to eight who can stay in a house if it is in an area zoned for single- and two-family (duplex) homes, County Administrator Craig Coffey said. As many as 16 people will be permitted to rent in areas of multi-family homes, while occupancy by 17 or more in a rental unit would establish it as “lodging,” the administrator said.

Missouri residents Mark and Brenda Voss — who have lawyers wrangling to come up with a solution to their five-bedroom house being built on a lot next door to property they own — said when their extended family vacations in Flagler County, they number 22.  Full Story