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Evictions - How and Why

Driving off without paying for a tank of gasoline is a crime which can land you in jail. Living in a rented home without paying for it is not. The gas station looses maybe $35.00. The landlord can loose thousands.


Evictions - The Writ of Possession

Stopping the writ of possession because you think the resident has vacated is usually a bad idea and a complete waste of the money you spent with the sheriff’s department for getting the job done. As soon as you authorize your attorney to have the writ of possession sent to the sheriff, your attorney writes a check out for a minimum of $90, and this is deposited by the sheriff’s department immediately. Always execute the writ of possession completely once it has been issued. You paid for it, so now get your money’s worth. Most importantly is to have the sheriff’s deputy completely walk the unit by himself or herself prior to you taking possession. Often the property manager will receive a phone call from the sheriff’s deputy asking the manager whether the resident is still in the unit. The answer should always be, “I really do not know, but we need you to meet us at the property and fully execute the writ of possession, as this is our company policy.” DO NOT allow the sheriff to get out of doing the job you paid for.