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What to Do When a Former Tenant Owes You Money

Your tenant left your rental apartment trashed, damaged and owing you money!  Your tenant lied and took advantage of you.  He may have skipped or you may have evicted him.  In either case, he damaged your rental and cost you money!  What do you do?


6 Ways Your Credit Report Is More Important Than You Think

Credit reports play an important role in your life beyond the world of credit cards, mortgages and student loans. As you build a credit history, you're developing a key component of your future that may affect your job, where you live and even the phone in your pocket.

Loan officers and credit card companies aren't the only ones who use credit reports when making decisions, but many people don't realize how influential credit reports are until they've been burned by their own.

"Credit reports are becoming important in almost every facet of our lives," said John C. Heath, a credit expert and attorney with Lexington Law, a Credit.com partner.  Credit reports carry significant weight in the following scenarios, much to many consumers' surprise.


Q&A with Bill Gray, The Collector

Bill Gray is an independent consultant who has been assisting landlords and property management companies nationwide in addressing the issue of tenant debt since 1997.