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Americans Migrated West and South in 2017

States in the Mountain West, Pacific West, and the South saw strong inbound migration for 2017, according to United Van Lines' 41st Annual National Movers Study. The Study tracks state-to-state migration patterns during a given year. For 2017, Vermont, Oregon, and Idaho topped the list of predominantly inbound states. Meanwhile, states in the Northeast and Midwest saw more people moving out than moving in during the year.

Vermont was clearly doing something right in 2017, as 68 percent of the total moves in or out of the state for the year were inbound. That’s nearly the mirror opposite of Illinois’ numbers, which saw 63 percent of its 2017 moves being outbound.

States in the Pacific and Mountain West saw quite a bit of inbound migration for the year, with Oregon (65 percent inbound), Idaho (63 percent inbound), Nevada (61 percent inbound), Washington (59 percent inbound), and Colorado (56 percent inbound) all proving strong performers in 2017. Overall, the Mountain West region saw 54 percent of its moves as inbound during the year. The Southern states were close behind with 52 percent of total moves being inbound.  Read More