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Landlord evicts disabled Orange Park man, throws away medicine

An Orange Park man says he came home to find the locks on his front door changed and all of his property gone.

Joseph Atkins, 29, was able to get back into his apartment, but says he shouldn't have been locked out in the first place.

Atkins rummaged through trash bags of his possessions inside of his apartment at Park Village Apartments in Orange Park Thursday afternoon.

Atkins says two days before, the complex illegally evicted him and threw all of his property in the trash, except the electronics.

Atkins said he notified the complex he would move out on Oct. 31. He said he came home Oct. 24 to find the locks changed and all of his possessions thrown away.

"I found my birth certificate and I have my social security card and passport," he said. "But, a lot of my important paper I've been keeping for years I wasn't able to find. I looked through everything."

His clothes were also thrown out.

"It's all wet... It rained that night," Atkins said.

All his furniture (tables, chairs, couch, and bed )went along with it, including three months worth of medicine he takes for his disability.

"I was so worried that they weren't going to return my medicine but they found it in the garbage," he said.

The company that manages Park Village Apartments, Horizons Realty Management, blames Atkins' disability for all this happening.