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Cost Of Freon For Older Air Conditioner Repairs Is Skyrocketing

Air conditioner repairs this summer will come with skyrocketing costs for the refrigerant R22, more commonly known as Freon™, according  to a release.

Production of R22 refrigerant, which is being phased out by the Environmental Protection Agency because it contains environmentally harmful ozone-depleting substances, has already dropped by 90 percent. Production will be prohibited by 2020.

In air conditioner repairs, owners face the challenge of whether to repair or to replace a system using R22 refrigerant from both a financial and environmental perspective, according to the release.

“We are seeing the cost to repair older air conditioners needing additional R22 refrigerant increase by 300 to 400 percent, and that cost is only expected to increase as summer continues,” Dave Moody, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Engagement for Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning, said in the release.

Air conditioner repairs or upgrade?

 “The repair cost increases are helping drive many owners to upgrade to a new air conditioning system to be comfortable, as they can also save up to 50% on energy bills right away.”

New air conditioning systems use the more environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, a different refrigerant that cannot be mixed or used in an existing air conditioner or heat pump designed for R22. Currently, reclamation and recycling of R22 is expected to be sufficient for existing systems, albeit at a much higher cost, providing time to upgrade systems before the phase-out period, according to the release.  Read More