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N.C. lawmakers to Charlotte: You can’t make all landlords register with city

N.C. lawmakers, in the closing hours of their session this month, passed a bill invalidating a local Charlotte regulation requiring all landlords to register with the city.

The Charlotte ordinance, which took effect in 2013, was meant to help police establish an official database to contact property owners whose tenants break the law. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, who supported the local ordinance, said they sometimes had trouble tracking down absentee landlords.

But opponents, including the Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition, said the Charlotte rule was an undue burden on landlords and didn’t offer enough tangible benefits.

“We’ve always had concerns with it,” said Joe Padilla, executive director of REBIC in Charlotte. He said the law was especially troublesome for small landlords renting just one or a handful of properties.

“To put them in a position where they’re required under penalty of a misdemeanor, we felt was really an unnecessary burden,” Padilla said. “We just never felt it should be required citywide.”

The bill passed both houses of the General Assembly with near unanimity, with only one dissenting vote in the House and Senate, and is awaiting Gov. Pat McCrory’s signature. Read More