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Personal QuickBooks Instruction

The Florida Landlord Network has been teaching Landlords and Property Managers how to setup and use QuickBooks accounting software to manage rental property since 1999.  Today, we are delighted to announce a significant expansion of our training programs. 

QuickBooks accounting software is the most powerful and flexible accounting software on the market today.  Unfortunately, it is the flexibility of the program which often causes many users to get lost and give up. 

The fact is, if you are not using some sort of accounting software to manage your real estate investment business you are in the dark when it comes to fully knowing the financial results or your investment.  

Here’s the proof:  if you are not using accounting software to manage your business the odds are you only create a Profit and Loss statement once a year and that is to do you tax return.   What wrong with this picture?

The Florida Landlord Network will help you  install, setup, and use QuickBooks to manage all or your real estate investments regardless of the number or type.  We will work virtually at your side to show you how to enter transactions, run reports, and all the rest for just $160.00*.  This includes complete installation and setup of the program and data file and up to a total of one hour of one-on-one training.

You will quickly learn QuickBooks and you will love it.

Call today to get started:  800-809-1530.