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The New Florida Landlord Network


The New  Florida Landlord Network

Membership is  Free!


In April of 1998 The Florida Landlord Network began Making Better Landlords by providing  education & business tools that help make landlording profitable and fun!

That year membership was a whopping $95.00 per year.   We were always uncomfortable with that and by 2004 membership had grown enough to make it possible to reduce the fee to just $39.99 per year.  Then, by January of  2012,  Membership had swelled to the point that we were able to offer Free Membership.

Benefits of Membership

Register Today It's Free!

Florida Landlord Network is "Making Better Landlords" by providing education & business tools to help make landlording profitable and fun!  Register now and start enjoying the valuable resources available from the premier landlord service organizations in Florida.